First Post

Well, I finally got my site up and running yesterday evening.  I had written a post previously but had to rebuild the site  earlier  today due to some technical difficulties. I’ve already learned an important lesson:  make sure to back up!  Had I been thinking ahead, I could have saved myself a good 2-3 hours of fixin’ time.

I plan on using this site as a repository for documenting my fixes as well as my journey through the IT realm, while (hopefully) helping out some others along the way.  I will primarily be focusing on the types of technology that I have background in and am most familiar with but I’m sure as I grow as an admin I will learn much, much more.  There will be a mixture of Linux, Windows, Networking, Android, etc., as well as all the other interesting tidbits and neat tricks that I discover as well.

Since this site is my first personal web site I’m sure things will continually evolve as I begin putting more time and effort into this project, so I am looking forward to getting going full steam on this.  I have been putting it off for waaay too long.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for things to add or any specific things you want to see on here, let me know.

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Josh Reichardt

Josh is the creator of this blog, a system administrator and a contributor to other technology communities such as /r/sysadmin and Ops School. You can also find him on Twitter and Facebook.